"Big Boy" -5'8" -  4 1/2 O.D.
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The Ultimate Valve Box Stack Cleaner " The Blue Screw (Big Boy)" is constructed of Solid Steel, 3/4" diameter. The Standard length is 5 ft. 8 in.. The handle is 16 in. in length. The O.D. of the Cutting Blades are 4 1/2". PERFECT for valve stacks that have a 6 in. i.d. 6 1/ 2" PERFECT for 6in i.d. On the bottom cutting blade you'll have two rare Neodymium Disc Magnets to remove any broken pieces of the valve cover lid or any other metal object that stall or inhibit the removal of debris from the valve stack.The ENTIRE tool is coated with a heat resistant, rust inhibitor. 5' extensions available constructed of 3/4" steel, heat resistant, includes locking hitch pin with 1400lbs sheer breaking point. 5' extensions available $52.00 ea.
  • Item #: 5.Big Boy -4.5" O.D. 5'8"

"Big Boy" -5'8" - 4 1/2 O.D.

Price: $230.00
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